Popeyethewelder on Facebook

For those of you who would like to get more involved with this website there we have set up a few Pages and Groups on Facebook, and would love to see you get involved.



PTW Buggies – Think Outside The Box

  • This is a Page mainly promote my own buggies, things I am working on etc, please feel free to ‘Like’ the page


  •  This Group has 369 members and is a great place to have your say,  if you would like to have anything published on this website for others to see, this is a good place to start

Kite Buggying

  •  612 Members from around the Globe in this Group,  a great place to tap into knowledge and experience, freely given from elite Buggiers including Champions

Home Made Kite Buggies

  •  This Page is where a massive collection of well over 1000 home made buggies are kept for all to see and admire, this collection is a joint effort from Cris Tyne and PTW

Home Made Kite Buggies

  •  This Group is the place to post your home made buggy, it is where Cris of PTW will then collect and add to the Home Brew Page above

Kite Buggying – Your Favourite Videos

  •  As the title suggests, this Group is a great place to post and also see some great kite buggy action

Kite Buggies in Da House

  •  Yes thats right, this Group was set up to post up your photos of your kite buggy….”inside your house”


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