The most advanced production buggy on the Planet

The Concept

To design a full size buggy that could be assembled and disassembled within a matter of minutes without tools and eliminate the need for trailers or buggy racks on the back of your car’ and for this reason the rear axles were designed as they were and not as an integral part of the chassis which would have been actually been simpler in terms of tooling.

We believe it will be the stiffest chassis on the market eliminating the side tube / goose neck bracket and with the rear shocks pumped to around 250psi (300psi max) it is an incredibly stiff configuration. One thing you could not see from the photo’s is rear axle triangulation – forward 340mm which also increases rigidity to the rear axles.

The ridged seat shape does however provide an easy platform with which to shape additional foam to your size to provide a snugg fit. After consulting with other Australian buggiers we have instaled a lap belt with an optional hard wire capabiliy.

Pilot – Dave Hobbs – this was the first time in action – jumped in after a mate who is a little shorter hence the forward seat position and needed more pressure in the front shocks

Buggy Dimensions

Rear Axle Length = 1685mm
Front – Rear Axle Length + 1825mm
Seat Adjustment forward – back approx + 175mm plus 100mm adjustment on the foot pegs
Weight, this prototype weighs in at 58KG however a considerable proportion of this is due to using chop strand fibre glass seat and over engineering it. I expect the production model which will use a double bias mat fibre glass will save around 5-6kg with further weight saving going into the stainless parts! Remember thou the chassis and seat combined can still easily be lifted onto the roof rack of your car!
The foot pegs remain static on the forks with the front swing arm assembly removing vibration and shock from the front wheel

The buggy will be manufactured by McConaghy Boats (China) a world leader in grand prix race yachts

The most advanced production
buggy on the planet!














Chassis – Hollow one piece carbon fibre the manufacturing technique is the same process used for aerospace / formula one etc

Front Suspension – twin fully adjustable air shocks mounted to a solid carbon fibre swing arm, this removes shock and vibration to both foot pegs and chassis

Rear Suspension – twin fully adjustable air shocks

Quick Release Appendages – aerospace quick release pins allow for rear wheels – rear axles – front end assembly to be removed from the light weight chassis / seat assembly – assembly can be achieved in under 150 seconds without tools and dis-assembled in 90 seconds.

Seat – Ergonomically shaped race car style bucket seat with formula one inspired fairings

The Hobbs McConaghy Buggy
















The prototype buggy has taken over a year and a thousand hours of labour and would have been unbelievable without the support of McConaghy’s.

CR Buggy












Who is behind this project?

An English Ex Pat Dave Hobbs who now lives in Sydney Australia, a mad kite nut and engineering designer and builder who just happens to work for a world class yacht builder.
The website will launch on the 1st November From the 3rd November the buggy will be at extreme kites speed week.

The ‘Hobbs Kite Buggies’ website as mentioned will launch on the 1st November and e-mail

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