Congratulations Landsegler

After years of continuous testing and using the best components out there, and setting the wheels to the best configuration for what we do, the success is begining to flow.

World Kite Buggy Championships, MONDIAL 2012 – Class 8 – Kite Buggy

6 sets of UL-wheels from Landsegler were used – at appropriate conditions – from:
  • Mondial 2nd Place Bernd Spiering (G23)
  • Mondial 3rd Place Sebastian Thomes (G26) – what a pity – leash was broken in the last run, closed to finish (67 points in the last run…..) – If that didn´t happen he could been the world champion.
  • Mondial 7th place Eric Leegwater (H 62)
  • Mondial 8th Place Maximilian Thomes (G 25)
  • Mondial 13th Place Guntram Leibrock (G27)
  • Mondial 21th Place Ulrich Nestmann (G21)


The German Team has got the Team World Championship !! 25% (?) of success may depend on wheels.
The 4 main components for a good performance: Pilot, Buggy, Kite, Wheels. Right?
Note: Wheels must be very light! Every gramm counts! UL wheels from LANDSEGLER MANUFAKTUR weigh only 4 kgs – yes! four kgs!, and nevertheless the wheels withstand heavy lateral load.

Stephan van Bommel testing the UL Landsegler wheels

The evidence has been provided in several  tests during NABX-events in 2011 and 2012

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