The PTW Maloo

The PTW Maloo is the new buggy for Steve aka ukspeedtraps. He had ridden a Flexi buggy for a while and got well into the mid 50mph speeds with it, unfortunately although he could achieve that amazing speed in a Flexi, he did not feel very safe and neither was its comfortable.
On Mablethorpe beach he rode the Cheetah and loved the leading link, at BLS he rode the Superbug and in his first run did 54mph and noticed how stable the Superbug was. Steve loved the security that both buggies offered, the higher side rails and wider stance were very noticeable, and comfort was second to none.
He thought long and hard over a few months, and came up with a vision of what he wanted, and whom he wanted to make it, fortunately that was I. There is nothing I enjoy more than making a new buggy especially if that buggy is a bit different from the usual ones out there.
Steve had a wish list.

Must fit in a hatchback car when broken down.
1600 axle for super stability.
Oversized 42mm Diameter, high side rails (SuperBug 2 type).
Oversized round swan neck Dominator type.
Leading Link for total stress free buggying.
Extra bracing at the rear end, to attach camera equipment and a bag and to form a pod for the seat as Steve has to transport the buggy in the boot of a car and he did not want to have to change any of the seat settings or remove straps.
No visible backrest
Euro Trax Tyres on red Cadkats, red goes faster, the best overall big buggy wheels.
Polished frame.
Buggybags was to make the seat and padding.

Steve came up with the name….. Maloo, as one of Steve’s hobbies is studying, photographing and chasing Storms and the word Maloo seamed a good choice.

The word Maloo comes from an indigenous Australian word meaning storm or thunder…
…and you can only do one thing in a PTW Maloo buggy, thunder across the beach creating a storm!!

Maloo 0

Maloo 1

Maloo 2

Maloo 3

Maloo 4

Maloo 5