Fastest PTW Buggy – PTW Dominator 4

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106 gps2

Dominator 4 100kmh Club1

I set a new record of 65.8mph or 106kph on Christmas Eve, just 0.2mph off my PB.
The average wind speed according to the local beach weather station at Dengemarsh reported winds averaging 44mph with a top gust of 48mph or 42kts at around 2:45pm which fits perfectly with what I experienced.
A squall hit the beach at about that time allowing me a brief 15 minute window of opportunity to try for some extra fast runs down the beach.
Speeds recorded throughout the day – 88kph, 93kph, 101kph then 106kph
After 3:15pm the wind started to drop back.
Mark Stiles aka vx_m4rk was witness to and can verify.


Picture the scene –

It’s Christmas Eve and for once I have the day off work relaxing at home in front of a roaring fire. It sounds like a great idea. So does stuffing my face with mince pies and watching Only Fools and Horses on TV or it would be if I hadn’t decided to go to the beach instead!

It’s cold, it’s raining and it’s blowing a near gale. I need my head examined. I’m here with Mark Stiles aka vx_m4rk. Not surprisingly we are the only fools dumb enough to venture outside today.

But you have to take these opportunities when they arise and today promises to be one of those days. Besides you never know, something good might come of it.

Wish us luck!