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PTWs Captive System


Taking the step from kiting and buggying,  just using your arms, to a harness is a big one. Many people are apprehensive of being physically attached to the kite….or hooked in.

Once the decision has been made though, its a choice of which harness to choose from, there are hundreds out there, and dont just get one because your mate has one, go to a store and try a few of them.

Over the years I have tried many types of harness, from Waist Harness’s, Ozone Harness, various Seat Harness’s, even Rock Climbing Harness’s. Most people use the hook on the spreader bar to hook there strop line to, and are perfectly happy with this set up. This hook or roller set up is also proably the safest against going fully captive, although there has been many debates over the years in many kiting forums around the world.

Which harness, also depend on what you are doing, and with this site being a Buggy related site, we will presume we are all buggying. Certain harness’s work better in the buggy over others, another consideration is how much space you have between your side rails…many harness’s can add a few more inches to your waist measurement. Also how long you will be buggying for…..for a hour or so with a few breaks inbetween, most harness’s will be suitable, but for longer periods of buggying, or attempting a 24 hour endurance session, then comfort long term is very important.

From early 2011 I have used the Peter Lynn Devine Harness with a Bullet Spreader Bar, there are many spreader bars to choose from, so think about exactly what you want and how much you want to spend.

Once the harness arrived I removed the roller and replaced it with a Bow Shackle, a Wichard quick release and a Snap Block, this encases the strop line, so if at any time the kite pull slackens, the strop line remains inside the roller….one less thing to worry about in my opinion….like I mentioned earlier, the debate has gone on for years, but I have noticed, the majority of UK racers use a system like or similar to this, I have in the past used a swivvel between the Wichard and the Bow Shackle, but have since removed that to bring the set up closer to me.


 Links to the PTW set up

  1. Peter Lynn Divine Harness
  2. Spreader bars
  3. Dynamic Snatch Block 40mm
  4. 5mm Stainless Steel Bow Shackle
  5. Wichard Quick Release Snap Shackle with Swivel Eye 70mm WD-2673


PTW:- I have since this set up started using the MK Splitter Race System 2013