Race Kite Handles by Stephan van Bommel

There are many kite fixed bridle handles in the market place, but not many designed and manufactured by top a European Racer, especially at a remarkably cheap price.

Introducing the tried and tested handles from the famous Stephan van Bommel, with some devine intervention by Landsegler Manufaktur.

Stephan & Mano

This handle project started as a little fun project for myself and Mano, mainly because we thought that the existing handles on the market where too expensive, and we found we had  big problems  when a power line or harness/strop line broke,  in a lot of cases you need to change the whole handle.
That’s when I came up with my handle design, we wanted to achieve three goals

  1. A cheap to manufacture handle.
  2. A handle designed where you can easily change the lines.
  3. A handle that is strong enough to fit any rigorous kite buggying style.

The core of the design are the removable white end caps, these are made by Landsegler.de. They are held in position by a simple screw in case you need to change the power or harness/strop line. It’s possible to disassemble the whole handle quickly and easily.

This is not a business I have started, as you can see by the price below, there is very little, if any profit to be made here. What we  offering is a very cost effective, strong and efficient kite handle that have been designed and tested by experienced pilots, made to order.

The handles come in size 30cm and 40cm,  price €35.00, (approx £28.00) plus shipping costs.



Landsegler Manufactur lathing the handle end caps

Handles in production

Secured by a simple screw

Quality handles at a very affordable price


I have had a good look at the handles and the feel of them is good, they feel solid, they are not the lightest handles I have used, but this give me a sense of security knowing these are highly unlikely to snap or let you down when you need it most, like when you are extremely powered up, just remember for a moment who designed these…..only one of the hardest kite buggy riders in the world…..thank you Stephan and Mano for sharing your handles with all of us.

To purchase these handles, please contact Stephan van Bommel on Facebook