Landboarders….Its Here

Over the years, I have been asked countless times for a place to log the landboard records, well now the time has come…there is not much to see at the moment, but this will obviously grow. There is a dedicated link on the right hand side menu making it easily accessible.

The World Record was recently broken, so I thought now was a good enough time to start.

I have also included a basic set of rules/criteria, should you want to claim Bragging Rights to a World Record, I am sure you will agree once you get to that level, everyone including the existing record holder wants and needs the record to be accurate.

I have taken the rules from the Kite Buggying rules and adapted them to suit, they are not complicated, and are there for your own safety as well as removing any doubt what so ever over a WR claim.

If you see your name on the list and I have any info wrong please let me know and I will correct this asap.

I pride myself on keeping a very up to date set of kite buggying and now boarding records, and also in the interest of everyone, accurate. Please do not submit a WR without the criteria met….its not fair on  your peers and will not be recognised.

Of course 99.99% of you will never attempt a WR so the criteria is not important, if you cheat you are only cheating yourself, just a quick message to me with the details and if possibly a photo of the GPS is fine, don’t just post on a forum or Facebook as I could miss this, send the data needed to me.

I am sure the Kite Landboarding records will continue to grow, please also bare in mind, I do all this voluntary, it takes a great deal of my spare time and I am constantly updating records from around the world on a daily basis, so give me 24hrs to upload your data.


Rules landboard Speed World Records

Rules 24hr Landboarding World Records


Landboarding Top SpeedsLandboard

24hr Distance Record


Submit your personal best with a GPS photo to

popeyethewelder(at)gmail(dot)com Subject-Landboard PB


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